Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Banana Man

As I mentioned in my Get Inspired section, from time to time I will write about those that have influenced me, my work, and even my life. One of my first supporters on Instagram was Stephan Brusche. (You can find him @isteef. Trust me, you'll want to after this post.) Somehow, I've managed to still keep him intrigued with my work. I'm always so thankful for continuous support.

"I started with Instagram to get in touch and reach more people outside of The Netherlands. And I did succeed there, since only 6% of my followers are living in The Netherlands."

 I would say so, considering the 7,500+ followers! Although, The Netherlands sounds pretty amazing right about now.

So what attracted me to Stephan's artwork? For one thing, it was his kindness and generous gratitude towards each and every person that took time from their day to compliment his work. Follow him and you'll see what I mean.

The humor behind his work balances between sweet and corny to darkly hilarious. Working as a graphic designer, Stephan was struck by the idea to draw on his banana, and his creative art form developed. 

I always believe that anything that evokes emotion can be considered an art. I'm always either smiling or laughing with every post of his. 

You can find Stephan's wearable art on his Society6 page. I love my Viking Chick T-Shirt, but you can choose from hoodies, tote bags, pillow cases, IPhone gear, home accessories, even kids clothes! Also, he's currently got a promo going on for free shipping! Just click on the images and you're good to go!

I also got the Bunny The Krakenslayer tee, because... what can be cuter?

If you love custom made work, just reach out to him via his website! You can find his social media links, monster book club, animal skull alphabet art, and more.

Yep, I'm totally batman.

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